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Vantage Point is a consulting business located at the top of a hill in Hallowell, Maine, that overlooks the Kennebec River. Hallowell is just two miles downstream from Maine’s capital city of Augusta. Diana Scully originally created Vantage Point in 1989, consulting with 60 clients over 15 years. Substantive areas of consultation included health care, long-term care, behavioral health care, social services, philanthropy, employment, and tribal-state relations. Vantage Point went into hibernation for a number of years while Diana served as the State of Maine’s Director of Elder Services. Diana returned to the private sector in September 2011. Vantage Point is open and providing services to clients once again.

Management Services & Governmental Relations

• Management & staffing for organizations — start-up, short-term, ongoing
• Interactions with lawmakers & policymakers — federal, state, local, tribal

Policy Analysis &
Program Development

• Collection, review & evaluation of information
• Regulatory impact analysis
• Writing — grant proposals, reports, policies

Strategic Planning &

  • • Assessments - strengths, needs, gaps, challenges, opportunities
  • • Facilitation - overall process, meetings, retreats
  • • Feedback & recommendations

What Others Think...

Recognition of Work as Director of Elder Services

Families USA invited Diana Scully to present at their
2011 Health Action Conference in Washington, DC, about
challenges and innovations in long-term services and supports
in Maine. The National Association of States United for Aging and
Disabilities invited Diana to present several times at their annual
National Home and Community-Based Services Conference..

Recognition of Work in Tribal-State Relations

…We, the Members of the Senate and House of Representatives,
join in recognizing Diana Scully of Hallowell,
Executive Director of the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission
for the past 15 years. Ms. Scully’s commitment to the Commission
and her expertise in tribal matters have earned her the respect and
affection of everyone with whom she has worked.
121st Maine Legislature
November 3, 2004

Cherished Recognition from Long Ago

It cannot be over-emphasized that the work of
Diana Scully as Director has been the guiding force for
the report and the year-long activities of the Task Force.
Not once has this talented lady shown the slightest bias.

S. Peter Mills, Esq., Chairman
Governor’s Task Force on Long Term Care
October 1, 1980.

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Vantage Point
6 Mayflower Road,
Hallowell, Maine 04347.

Main: +1 207 622-2310
Mobile: +1 207 620-0871

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Background Page

Diana Scully named her consulting business after a poem by Robert Frost. She likes its focus on both the bigger, more distant picture of life and the right-under-your-nose picture. She tries to bring both perspectives to Vantage Point clients as she helps them move forward to carry out their respective missions.
The Vantage Point Poem

As services are delivered, diverse perspectives are respected and considered, keeping in mind the parable of The Blind Men and the Elephant.


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